Year In Review

  • 📖 High read ratios — typically 20–50% is considered good. Overall the stories, the read ratio averages out to about 50%!
  • 👀 ~ 2,300 views (or ~ 200 views per story)
  • 📞 No change in followers — Since most of my readers (~80%+) are among my Facebook friends, it’s challenging to expand the audience
  • Low engagement — Some of the articles perhaps weren’t targetted for the intended audience or weren’t as enticing
  • 💸 Revenue — I made about ~$15 from articles over the last year. After Medium removed the tie between internal recommendations and the paywall, I’ve since demonetized everything (and was sharing friend links before) so no more paywalls!
  1. Increase page views to ~500 per article. I’m planning to do this with meatier articles that dive deeper into tech that I’m intimately working with.
  2. Increase organic traffic to ~ 300 per article. Medium recommendations seem to be pretty hit-or-miss, but more focused articles should help.
  3. Maintain 30%+ read ratios




SWE @ Nuro | Formerly Facebook/Google | Yale ’18 |

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Alan Liu

Alan Liu

SWE @ Nuro | Formerly Facebook/Google | Yale ’18 |

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