Mastering the Internship

Tips that Guided My Summer Experiences



Possible Goal Types: Personal, Career-Oriented, Social, Family, Learning
Google Keep, Pen & Paper, Many Todo Apps
My Personal Goals:
Have lunch with someone new that inspires me at least once a week

Use your Freedom

Try multiple hats —You’ll hardly ever get the chance to spend 40% or more of your time doing something you weren’t hired to do. Try product management, or UX design. It’ll be hard to justify spending that much time as full timer, but as an intern, it’s much easier as long as you actually finish your intern project as well.

Request meetings with CEOs— Often, it’s helpful to get advice from industry leaders. Higher up the pyramid, the scale of problems changes significantly. There is no single right or wrong answer, and every decision becomes a series of calculated risks to navigate a complicated ever-changing industry. As an intern, it’s amazing to even be able to talk to these leaders in person and probe their knowledge and experience. Usually, if they have time, they’re more than willing to have lunch; the only caveat is that you might have to schedule weeks in advance.

Ask tons of questions — It’s a useful time to learn and ask questions. It can be about something not even related to what you’re working on. See some of the questions in the 1:1 section below.

1:1s are your time

Favorite questions:
What are you worried about, what do you stay up at night thinking about?
What advice would you give yourself if you were in my shoes?
What’s something you believe in that almost no one else does?*

Meet People

Brush up on Interview Skills


Follow what works best for you. Each person has their own unique personality, if anything doesn’t seem appropriate for you, carve your own path.

*A modified version of Peter Thiel’s question from Zero to One

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