Creating a Website Without a Tech Background

A Simple Walkthrough To Enhance Your Personal Brand

My own personal site created from this guide
  • Someone outside of computer science that wants to make a website without paying for Squarespace
  • A web designer that wants to have more flexibility in implementation.



  1. — This lets you install programs from the terminal/command line.
  2. Git — This is how programmers generally track different versions of applications or changes that are made. You can install it by using brew install git in your terminal after installing brew
  3. Heroku CLI — Follow the steps here. You’ll need this to access Heroku.

Creating a website

Go to Pycharm and hit File >> New Project

Hosting the webpage

Now, let’s take the webpage we made and saw at “localhost” and put it somewhere everyone can see using Heroku.

  1. run heroku create — this creates an application repo on Heroku’s servers.
  2. run git add . — this adds all files into a pending git commit
  3. run git commit -m 'message here' — This saves the commit.
  4. run git push heroku master — This sends your local commit to Heroku's servers.
web: gunicorn app:app  --log-file=-
  1. Design — How would you like it to look? Tools: Sketch, Adobe Xd, Figma Recommended: Figma (Online and easiest to use)
  2. Convert Design into HTML/CSS — What frontend CSS/JS framework would you like to use? This is optional, but highly recommended since it’ll add a consistent format across mobile/desktop and save you time
    Tools: Foundation, Bootstrap, Semantic UI
    Recommended: Semantic UI (Mainly personal preference)

SWE @ Nuro | Formerly Facebook/Google | Yale ’18 |

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